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Founded 1999
Over 15,000 Units Sold
Based in Los Angeles, CA

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SeePoint provides the hardware, software and services necessary for a successful kiosk implementation. For more than 15 years, SeePoint has worked with a diverse roster of clients, including Nike, Polaris Industries, CSL Plasma, Kaiser and the Getty Museum, reflecting SeePoint's ability to deliver outstanding products, provide insightful innovations and offer invaluable guidance and support at every stage of a project, from conception to post implementation.

SeePoint designs and manufactures an extensive line of touch screen kiosks systems and digital signage solutions. SeePoint has built a reputation as a premier hardware and technology developer, innovating and delivering reliable, durable, smartly designed kiosks and digital signage that add maximum value to an environment without monopolizing space. SeePoint uses its patented designs, industry knowledge and manufacturing capabilities to achieve rapid, cost effective deployments of interactive hardware which ideally meets each customer's self service requirements.

SeePoint provides application design services and software to administer, modify and track kiosk applications. Whether a customer needs to develop a new kiosk application, update existing content or manage a network remotely, SeePoint software provides effective solutions at every stage of a project.

SeePoint also delivers all the ancillary services necessary for successful kiosk deployments. SeePoint offers services at every stage of a project from concept, to implementation, to support. More than ten years of experience informs SeePoint services, allowing SeePoint to provide tested and trusted service options to customers.

All of SeePoint's solutions - hardware, software and services - offer a high level of customizability, capable of fulfilling each customer's unique requirements and objectives. To provide the industry's best self service solutions, SeePoint combines the knowledge of an established organization with the focus and flexibility of a specialty firm. Whether a customer needs the big picture or attention to the minutiae, SeePoint has the products, services and personnel necessary to make the kiosk project a success.

SeePoint uses the experiences and knowledge obtained during more than 15 years in the kiosk and digital signage industry to achieve rapid, cost effective hardware deployments, to offer unique product options and features only available from SeePoint, and to provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of self service technologies in their industries and unique insights at every phase of the process.

Focused on interactive hardware solutions, SeePoint offers a knowledgeable team dedicated to understanding and fulfilling the distinct needs of our customers and end users in self service environments. Additionally, SeePoint is an agile provider that anticipates project needs and attends to the details from start to finish.
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