Kiosk Peripherals
Card Readers
IDTech VIVOpay Vend III EMV Contactless Reader Module
The ViVOpay Vend III contactless NFC, contact EMV, and magnetic stripe all-in-one payment device provides an integrated device that allows all three types of payment acceptance technologies. Customers can tap their contactless cards, key fobs and NFC mobile phones or swipe/insert their payment cards on the kiosk to  complete transactions, while being guided through the payment process via an integrated high-contrast graphic display.
  • The ViVOpay Vend III is also capable of remote download to update its firmware applications without need for local intervention.
  •  Contactless: Accepts transactions from consumers using ISO/IEC 14443 Type A and B, MiFare and ISO 18092 NFC compatible phones.
  • Supports Apple Pay
  • Remote Download: Post-deployment firmware updates via remote download without requiring additional hardware or device resetting
  • Speed: Enables quick transactions improving vending machine-based sales
  • Consumer Intuitive: Equipped with LEDs and sound to provide visual and audible cues to enable smooth and seamless transactions.
  • Secure: Secure Transactions with ISO/IEC 14443 Type A/B chip cards in conjunction with dynamic CVV/CVC.

The Augusta - EMV L1-L2 Chip and MagStripe Reader
  • Encryption capable 3-track MagStripe swiper and ICC reader
  • ICC reader that is EMV L1 certified and hosts the Common L2 kernel
  • Visual and audible feedback to signal good/bad card reads, etc
  • TDES and AES encryption algorithm for MagStripe and contact EMV output
  • Supports ID TECH standard TR31 (and optional TR34) based Remote Key Injection

The Augusta is a secure EMV chip and magnetic stripe reader that is specifically designed to offer SeePoint kiosk users a simple upgrade path to EMV from traditional desktop magnetic stripe readers. This reader is able to provide superior reading performance while also encrypting sensitive magnetic stripe and EMV data. With all data encrypted, the Augusta can participate in end-to-end solutions reducing the risk of data compromises.

EMV/Universal SDK: This reader has been designed to use ID TECH’s Common L2 Kernel and can be utilized with ID TECH’s Universal SDK.  By using the Universal SDK, coding efforts to the Augusta and other ID TECH Common L2 products is greatly reduced. 

Easy To Use: The Augusta is very user friendly and reliable. It is available in USB-HID configuration and uses common HID drivers. Beepers, LEDs and bidirectional communication make interacting with the unit very intuitive. The location of the mounting holes makes it easy to mount to any previous MiniMag II or SecuRED mounting bracket. The Augusta is able to support 1,000,000 magnetic stripe operations or 500,000 EMV transactions.

Magtek Dynamag - PCI Compliant Card Reader

Fully and securely integrated, the Dynamag Secure Card Reader Authenticator (SCRA) is MagneSafe™ secured and offers a reliable and convenient swipe path with complete security features for the peace of mind you can trust. Specifically designed to meet PCI DSS requirements to secure cardholder data, the Dynamag employs the industry standard, Triple DES encryption. This bi-directional SCRA conveniently makes any existing merchant application more secure.
The Dynamag is 100% interface compatible with all traditional MagTek® readers while also enabling advanced security features including card authentication, data encryption, and device/host authentication to be activated when higher security is demanded.

  • Reads up to 3 tracks
  • Bi-directional read
  • Reads ANSI/ISO/AAMVA cards plus some custom formats
  • Supports USB HID or USB keyboard emulation interfaces. 
  • Provides Red/Green/Amber LED for status
  • Triple DES Encryption


HID OMNIKEY 5022 Smart Card Reader
Fully Integrated Kiosk Smart Card Reader

The OMNIKEY 5022 reader is an ideal solution for healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial services, enterprise, government and other organizations seeking higher security and access management. The reader eliminates the need to install drivers, and can be integrated on any SeePoint kiosk.

The 5022 reader can also be used to meet security and regulatory compliance requirements, which mandate two-factor user authentication for accessing workstations and applications.
The OMNIKEY 5022 is interoperable with a number of smart card technologies, tags, and NFC-enabled smart devices and supports numerous credentials based common ISO14443 A/B, ISO 15693 standards.

Features include:

• Uses native CCID driver from operating system – no additional drive installation required. 
• Global certifications for worldwide usage
• Supports a broad range of operating systems
• Windows, Linux and Android*
• Supports contactless smarts cards with up to 848 Kbps in the fastest ISO 14443 transmission mode.
• Interoperable with various smart card technologies, tags and standards such as ISO 14443 A/B, ISO 15693, iClass®, Seos® (OTP only), MIFARE® Classic / Ultralight / Ultralight C / Plus, MIFARE DESFire® / DESFire EV1 / DESFire EV2.

3M AT9000 MK2 Full Page Passport & Document Reader
Integrated Kiosk Passport & Document Reader

3M's AT9000 MK2 Reader is a compact, full-page scanner to quickly capture the image, and validate passports, international passports, and any other 1D or 2D barcode IDs (driver's licenses, military IDs, etc.). It also scans European National ID Cards.  This reader utilizes IV imaging and LED technology to validate the IDs.  
The MK2 Reader can be integrated on any of SeePoint’s kiosks and is an ideal self service solution for verification and validation in government and commercial applications.

• Visible, infrared and ultraviolet imaging using LED technology
• USB 2.0 connectivity with 2-port USB hub
• IP50 rating for dust ingress protection in optical chamber
• Reads 2D barcodes from cell phones
• Standard SDK
• 1D barcode, 2D (Aztec, DataMatrix, PDF417, QR Code) barcodes
• ePassport support for basic access control
• Active Validation
• 400 DPI

Market Segments:

Government: Quality assurance for ePassport issuance & travel document authentication for border control
Transportation: Verify airline traveler ID or boarding pass at security checkpoint or boarding gate
Retail: ID fraud and loss prevention for mobile phone stores and car rental agencies
Financial: New account enrollment for banks & ID verification for check cashing
Hospitality: Hotel/Casino guest ID data extraction & vendors and employees vetting

Hardware Options:

• Magnetic stripe
• Contact smart card
• RFID (915 MHz, 13.56 MHz)
• 3M™ Confirm™ Security Laminate imaging

IDTech Spectrum™ III, Hybrid MagStripe & Smart Card Insert Reader

SeePoint seamlessly integrates the Spectrum III Hybrid Insert Reader on any of our kiosk systems. This reader is a vandal resistant, high volume capable reader that decodes up to three tracks of magnetic data as well as reads and writes to smart cards to comply with the latest in electronic payment regulations
The ID TECH Hybrid Insert Reader can read and write to Integrated Circuit Cards (ICC), smart cards, memory, or microprocessor cards conforming to ISO 7816 standards. The reader is approved to the Terminal Level 1 EMV2000 specification, and is able to communicate with a host PC as a smart card reader-writer under the PC/SC version 1.0 interface. 

  • Reads and writes to memory and CPU (T=0 & T=1) smart cards
  • Decodes up to three tracks of magnetic data on ISO 7811 cards at speeds of 3 to 50 IPS
  • Operating life exceeds 1,000,000 card cycles
IDTech Omni™, Barcode & MagStripe Reader

The Omni reads up to three (varies by model) tracks of magnetic information with a single swipe in either direction. Omni reads most bar code symbologies; both visible and infrared bar code data and/or MagStripe data, both in a single swipe. It has a beeper and three-color LED indicator to signal a successful read making it self service friendly. The reader is programmable so that the data format and intelligent interface output can be programmed & configured to match application communication requirements.
The Omni’s output can be formatted with terminating characters, special preamble and/or postamble character strings, and special parsing to match the data format expected by the terminal. These settings are programmed into the reader and stored in non-volatile memory.

  • Media Formats Bar Code: UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, Code 39, Telepen, Interleaved 2 of 5, Industrial 2 of 5, Code 128, MSI/Plessey, Codabar Magnetic Stripe: ISO 7811, AAMVA, and other F2F formats
  • Dual sided MagStripe head
  • Reliable for a minimum of 1,000,000 passes

RFIDeas PC Prox Plus Reader

Securely affixed to any SeePoint kiosk, the RFIDeas pcProx Plus is a dual frequency programmable card reader that provides the advantages of reading both proximity and contactless smart cards in one reader. This reader allows users to leverage their employee ID badges, or any 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz tags or labels, for other forms of secure authentication and identification
This plug-n-play reader supports over 45 different card types and includes flash memory, allowing users to quickly configure the readers output to meet their needs. Its highly configurable technology allows the reader the capability of simultaneously handling any two of the available technologies — proximity or contactless, throughout the workplace.

  • All pcProx readers are CJIS compliant and designed to keep law enforcement and criminal justice organizations current with compliance requirements
  • Medical/Healthcare HIPAA Compliant when used as a log-on reader

eSeek M-260 Magstripe - Barcode Reader

The Model M260 incorporates a magnetic stripe reader with advanced technology 2D barcode reading capability. It can read any government issued ID card with magnetic stripe information and/or 2D barcodes. This creates a reliable and affordable business solution for Age Verification and transaction processing. This highly capable reader supports the reading of driver licenses for all 50 states and can be fully integrated on any SeePoint kiosk.
The Model M260 can be used anywhere your application requires reading an ID or Driver’s License.

  • High performance 2D (417 PDF) bar code reading
  • Built in 3 track magnetic card reading
  • Read AAMVA standard cards
  • Ideal for law enforcement, age verification, access control, patient check in, and casinos
CSSN Snapshell for Kiosks OCR Reader

SnapShell® for Kiosk from Card Scanning Solutions (CSSN Inc.) is a camera ID reader that can be fully integrated on the VantagePoint or CounterPoint kiosk and allows for personal identity documents to be scanned, including driver licenses and ID cards. With the various SnapShell® authentication options, identifying that ID documents are authentic is also done automatically through the kiosk.Reads and authenticates driver′s licenses and ID cards of over 50 US states and 45 countries.

  • Reads both 1D and PDF 417 2D barcodes.
  • Reads business cards.
  • Easy integration into 3rd party applications.
  • Significantly Faster Scan/OCR time - 300 DPI 1 second, 600 DPI 2 seconds.
  • Automatic state detection that triggers scanning.
  • Capture a full image of the license, or face & signature image only.
  • Extracts both image and data, including ID number and name.
  • Authenticates validity of driver's licenses using legacy Infrared technology.


3M CR100M Passport and ID Reader
The 3M CR100M Document Reader will capture information from ICAO compliant passports, visas, national ID cards and other items where there is a Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) on the document. The CR100M model will additionally capture magnetic stripe data and is easy to use with a simple swipe motion.
  • OCR Reading
  • Reads all passports, ID cards and visas which comply with ICAO Document 9303
  • 3 Track Magnetic Card Reading
  •  Fast, accurate data capture

An affordable, host-based kiosk printer for 3-inch-wide receipts, Zebra’s compact KR203™ printer delivers unparalleled value and reliability for a variety of self-service applications. The KR203 draws upon the kiosk PC’s processing power and memory resources instead of its own, making it a highly cost-effective choice for customers who need a high-quality kiosk printer at the lowest total cost of ownership.

The KR203 offers the best value in its class, providing high print quality and many features available only on more expensive printers. Designed to reduce the need for maintenance or service by associates, it includes built-in troubleshooting capabilities; Zebra’s patented looping presenter and an integrated cutter for preventing paper jams; a tear-preventing pull detector; and a large, long-lasting, 10-inch/250 mm media roll capacity.

This host-based printer is easy to integrate into your kiosk systems— it can print any font, barcode or graphics supported by your application.
  • Direct thermal receipt printing for 2.3”/58 mm to 3.25”/82.5 mm width media
  • Patented looping presenter with pull detector
  • Integrated cutter
  • Auto media loading
  • 203 dpi print resolution
  • Windows® drivers for plug and play
  • Prints any font, barcode and graphics supported by the application
  • Automatic and continuous status monitoring for media condition and errors
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified
3.5 Inch Thermal Kiosk Receipt Printer - ZEBRA KR403 80MM
Reliable Kiosk Printing with Thermal

The KR403 packages the latest reliability and performance features into one of the most compact kiosk printer models on the market. It also provides excellent reliability for kiosks with features like the guillotine cutter, jam-preventing loop presenter, tear-preventing pull detector, and retract-and-retain function that protects customers' private information by retracting any printouts left behind.

Print high quality, legible receipt and brand-boosting complex graphics, fonts and barcodes. As an integral part of a SeePoint self-service kiosk solution, the KR403 will help companies improve service, raise customer satisfaction, increase revenue and lower operational costs.

Features include:

• Excellent print quality achieved through print head alignment features and Element Energy Equalizer™ (E3™)
• Windows® drivers for plug and play
• 21 resident 1-D and 10 resident 2-D barcodes
• 15 bitmap fonts and 1 scalable font
• Unicode™-compliant
• Maintenance alerts
• Numerous software tools for commissioning, using and troubleshooting the printer
• ENERGY STAR® qualified

Custom VKP 80ii Thermal 80mm Kiosk Printer

The Extremely Reliable Kiosk Receipt Printer

The VKP 80mm Thermal Kiosk printer is used extensively in self service applications where on demand receipt printing is required.  To keep cost down these thermal printers never require ink or toner replacement and the large paper rolls ensure that minimal staff time will be needed to look after these devices.  With a front locking cabinet and a printer tray extension replacing getting to the printer to replace paper or for general maintenance is extremely easy.  

The VKP printer includes the following features and benefits: 

•  High print quality (200 DPI)
•  Paper width: from 60 to 82.5 mm (adjustable paper-infeed for different paper widths)
•  Printing > 220 mm/sec
•  Automatic ticket ejecting and retracting (speed: > 1000 mm/s)
•  High power motor feeder for large paper rolls (up to 300 mm Ø)
•  1D and 2D barcode printing: (QRCODE, PDF417; DATAMATRIX for ETH version)
•  International fonts on-board: any language available
•  4MB internal flash memory for logos and fonts
•  Highly reliable cutter: over 1,500,000 cuts
•  Sensors: paper end, black mark, ticket presence, printing unit opening and near paper end on the roll holder
•  Anti-Jamming System
•  Adjustable paper infeed for different paper widths
•  Self-balancing paper roll holder
•  Illuminated paper bezel
•  Multi-position paper roll
•  The standard roll holder handles paper rolls with a diameter of up to 180mm, but the powerful printer motor is capable of handling paper rolls up to 300 mm in diameter
•  Automatic ticket ejection
•  Automatic ticket retracting

Boca Systems Lemur K Ticket Printer

BOCA’s Lemur kiosk printers are ideal for self-service environments.  Our kiosk printers can print on a wide variety of media - tickets, receipts, ID cards, gift cards, wristbands.  These resilient printers will deliver an individually cut form in one to two seconds.  The Lemur kiosk printers are designed with a minimum of moving parts and can be easily integrated into almost any kiosk.

  The Lemur-K can print ticket widths up to 8.5 inches and is offered with a variety of print resolutions and features.  The Lemur-2K has two separate paper paths and can be used for printing tickets, receipts and wristbands.  The Lemur-MK encodes magnetically on credit card sized tickets.  In addition, the Lemur-k can be optionally configured to support RFID encoding.

  • Print Speed: Programmable up to 14 inches per second (200 dpi, high speed mode); 11 ips (300 dpi, high speed mode).
  • Dot Size: 200 DPI or 300 DPI
  • Utilizes a multi-level dot history algorithm, which results in increased print speed, extended print head life and clearer print quality.
  • Adjustable Paper Path: Between 2.0” and 3.25” (standard configuration) or between 2” and 4” (upgrade).
JCM GLOBAL GEN5 Universal TITO Thermal Printer

The new GEN5 printer is the better, smarter, faster way to make connections with customers.

With a lightning fast CPU, dual channel communication, intelligent ticket handling and cross-enterprise promotional couponing and superior electro-mechanical design, the GEN5 printer guarantees high reliability and easy maintenance with modern technology. Plus, the GEN5 is FUZION™-ready, and when combined with the iVIZION® bill validator, can open a wealth of potential new features.

  • Faster: Works with existing platforms, server-based & USB machines
  • Flexible: Prints TITO and promotional tickets
  • FUZION Ready: Potential for lottery ticket vending, race/sports ticket vending, tax forms printing
  • Operationally Sound: Intelligent ticket handling, dual channel communication, jam-prevention technology, RS232, NetPlex, USB 2.0
  • Universal Communications: 3 Ports to Support All Games
    • USB 2.0 Full Speed (Future GSA Compliant, IGT Compliant)
    • RS232 Port (Backward Compatible)
    • NetPlex Port (Backward Compatible)
  • ITH® (Intelligent Ticket Handling): Makes Ticket Available ONLY after Fully Printed Internally & Automatically Burst
  • Large Paper Capacity: 50% More Standard Ticket Capacity Saves $200/Printer Annually
  • IntelligentBezel™ System: Paper Jam Reduction via Blocked Bezel Detection
  • ProColor™ Printing: Readily Available 2-Color Printing Technology
  • Expanded Graphics Memory: Stores Hundreds of Clip Art Objects and Thousands of Graphic Templates


  • 3 Ports to Support All Games
  • Superior Electro-Mechanical Design
  • Intelligent Ticket Handling
  • Blocked Bezel Detection
Custom KPM 216HII ETH A4 Thermal Kiosk Document Printer
For Letter Sized Documents.
The KPM-216 thermal kiosk printer by Custom incorporates incredibly reliable thermal technology into a compact and jam free design with a unique anti-paper roll-up sensor and auto cutter.
Custom has been producing high quality thermal printers for the kiosk industry for over 20 years.  This compact printer is designed for self service solutions.  There is never any ink or toner replacement and the paper roll can produce at least 1000 full sized sheets.  Securely housed inside our key lock VantagePoint Print kiosk the KPM 216 full sized printer is the perfect choice for unattended printing applications.

Features Include:

•  High print quality 
•  Full featured loop presenter which avoids paper jams clearing the paper outlet through retracting the uncollected printout or through retracting it inside the kiosk for protecting the privacy of the user
•  Adjustable paper-infeed
•  Dot Damage Prevention: this function prevents the dots subject to stress caused by special printouts, like graphics and tables, from wearing out
•  True Font characters
•  High printing quality (200 and 300 DPI)
•  A4 size documents (210/216 mm)
•  Paper thickness: from 63 to 85 μm
•  Printing > 180 mm/sec
•  RS232 + USB + Ethernet interface
•  Eject & retract (speed up to 100mm)
•  True Font, manages all languages available
•  Highly reliable cutter: over 300,000 cuts
•  Sensors: paper end, ticket presence, near paper end, virtual paper

Datacard SP55K Card Printer
Developed exclusively for integration into kiosks, the Datacard® SP55k kiosk card printer delivers an attractive combination of proven reliability, high-quality card. It has low maintenance requirements and is very easy to use. 
SeePoint secures the SP55k inside a key lock cabinet with a rail system to gain easy access for restocking cards or replacing the ink ribbons.  A custom bezel is also included to catch the cards as they exit the printer.
  • 300 DPI
  • Direct to card dye sublimation/ resin thermal transfer
  • Print color or black and white
  • ISO magnetic stripe encoding optional
  • 200 card hopper
  • Card reject tray
Digital Signage
Flat Panel Pull-N-Tilt™ Wall Mount

The PLP is the ultimate flat panel fingertip-tilt wall mount that also provides bottom pull-out for cable access. All of these features and it is under 3" deep! Great solution for home theater and boardroom applications. Allows for portrait or landscape flat panel installation.

  • Low-profile design with integrated security capability
  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Time saving installation features such as Rapid Level™ System for hands-free leveling and Q-Latch™ Mounting System for quick connect/disconnect.
  • Patented Pull-N-Tilt mechanism provides fingertip tilt adjustment 0 - 15 º
  • Bottom of mount pulls out 3” for simplified cable access
  • Ultra-low profile design
  • Q-Latch™ Mounting System simplifies installation
  • Expanded wall plate opening provides cable access and reduces risk of outlet interference
  • Rapid Level™ System provides hands-free leveling of mount on wall
  • Integrated lateral shift up to 4" left or right of 16" centers
  • Allows for 16”, 20”, 24” center stud system mounting
  • Provides integrated security - just add a padlock
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Steel components for a rock-solid solution
  • UL listed for proven strength
  • Bottom pullout and easy hand tilting
Locking Wall Bracket

Wall Mount Solution for All-In-One and other VESA Compliant LCD Solutions

Secondary Display for VantagePoint

Low cost digital signage solution. Enhance any VantagePoint with 19", 22" or 24" LED LCD monitors. Connect directly to main PC. All cable management provided. Switches and cables are protected with custom designed steel covers.

Ships easy to assemble.

Flat Panel Fixed Wall Mount

The PST is designed to be a low profile, fast installation wall mount for large flat panel TVs weighing up to 200 lbs (90.7 kg). Great for digital display or retail applications. Allows for portrait or landscape flat panel installation.

  1. Custom and universal models. Choose model PST-U to receive universal interface bracket.
  2. Installer-friendly features such as Chief's Q-Latch™ Mounting and Rapid Level™
  3. Systems make the PST a great solution for all dealers.
  4. Heavy-duty construction with integrated security.
  • Ultra-low profile design
  • Unique design provides cable access through sides of mount
  • Q-Latch™ Mounting System simplifies installation
  • Expanded wall plate opening provides cable access and reduces risk of outlet interference
  • Rapid Level™ System provides hands-free leveling of mount on wall
  • Integrated lateral shift up to 4" left or right of 16" centers
  • Allows for 16", 20", 24" center stud system mounting
  • Provides integrated security - just add a padlock
  • Heavy duty construction with steel components for a rock-solid solution
  • UL listed for proven strength
    • Depth from wall: 1.21" (31mm)
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 26" x 18.38" x 1.31" (660 x 467 x 33mm)
    • Lateral shift: 4" (102mm) Left/Right
    • Mounts on Studs: 16", 20", 24" on-center
    • Color: Black
    • Weight Capacity: 200 lbs (90.7 kg)
    *Depth does not include interface bracket.
Travel Cases
Travel Cases for Freestanding Systems
SeePoint offers custom travel cases for all of our kiosk solutions.  Our custom cases are made individually to fit each order.  Each case has wheels and a handle for easy transport.  SeePoint travels cases are ideal for tradeshows, traveling exhibits, and any other application where mobility is paramount.
  • Rolling Castors
  • Cases are resistant to oils, fuels, solvents and acids
  • Cases meet ATA 300 specifications and can be made to military specifications
  • Lightweight and extremely resistant to impact
Travel Cases for Small Form Factor Kiosks
SeePoint offers custom travel cases for all of our kiosk solutions.  Our custom cases are made individually to fit each order.  Each case has wheels and a handle for easy transport.  SeePoint travels cases are ideal for tradeshows, traveling exhibits, and any other application where mobility is paramount.
  • Rolling Castors
  • Cases are resistant to oils, fuels, solvents and acids
  • Cases meet ATA 300 specifications and can be made to military specifications
  • Lightweight and extremely resistant to impact
Kiosk Keyboard and TrackBall-CP

User Friendly Self Service Keyboard

A rugged, vandal resistant 65-position keyboard specifically designed for the public access kiosk environment. With no CTL ALT DEL or Function keys. The construction comprises of full travel stainless steel key tops, operating individual, high reliability, tactile feel, electromechanical switches plus ultra-rugged, phenolic, sealed trackball, mounted in a stainless steel fascia.

Kiosk Keyboard and TrackBall

Perfect for Self Service Human Resource Applications

When  the application requires significant responses that is not best suited for a touchscreen, a rugged, vandal resistant 65-position keyboard specifically designed for the public access kiosk environment is available. With no CTL ALT DEL or Function keys. The construction comprises of full travel stainless steel key tops, operating individual, high reliability, tactile feel, electromechanical switches plus ultra rugged, phenolic, sealed trackball, mounted in a stainless steel fascia.

Pivoting Keyboard Tray
Add your own keyboard.
Water resistant Keyboard

AKG 299B weatherproof keyboard/trackball

65 keys stainless steel panel mounting keyboard with trackball
Carbon-on-Gold key switch technology (silicone gel)
Mechanical/ Optical trackball optional
Waterproof and dustproof
Very rugged vandal proof design
Can be cleaned with soapy water, disinfectant or other cleaning agents

CE, FCC, ROHS, IP65, IK07 Certified

Front Panel: High quality 304# stainless steel
Keys: High quality 304# stainless steel
Trackball: High quality 304# stainless steel
 Back panel: Aluminum alloy
Mechanical Data:
 Key trip: 1.5mm
 Lifespan: >2 million operations per key
Electrical Data:
 Input Voltage: 5.0VDC±5%

Input Devices
HIPAA Compliant Touch Screen
This HIPAA compliant filter limits the viewing angle of the LCD to a narrow field of view without compromising readability for the intended user. This special filter also reduces eyestrain and glare making the kiosk system even more user friendly.

SeePoint is the leading provider of HIPAA compliant kiosks.
Verifier 300 LC 2.0

Verifier 300 LC 2.0 is a single fingerprint capture device that delivers accurate and reliable results. The biometric identity management solution is ideal for identification, verification and registration programs. Deployed around the world in a wide array of customer applications including border and port entry/exit control, national ID and registration programs, as well as child ID programs and physical and acccess control projects.


  • Improved illumination technique that captures forensic-quality fingerprints
  • Automatic fingerprint capturing
  • Compact size that easily integrates into existing applications
  • An intuitive system, which requires little training to master
  • Durable solution in a rugged polycarbonate lexan case
  • FCC, UL, CE
Digital Camera with Microphone - Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000
This full featured webcam delivers smooth, detailed video and crystal clear audio.  The LifeCam HD-3000 is secured inside a vandal resistant steel enclosure on any SeePoint kiosk.  A built in omni directional microphone with acoustic noise cancellation is included.  In addition, Microsoft’s TrueColor technology automatically delivers bright and colorful video, in virtually all lighting conditions.
  •  16:9 format offers cinematic video recording
  • Noise reducing microphone
  • 720 HD Video
Cashflow SC1200 Bill Acceptor

 MEI CASHFLOW® SC sets the standard for bill validators worldwide. Combining functionality and durability in a design that withstands the toughest conditions. Unrivaled security against fraudulent notes due to a full scan “light bar” source that provides six wavelengths of light.

  • Advanced acceptance and security
  • Exceptional note handling
  • Extremely durable cashbox constructed of Verton plastic.
  • Superior ease of use
  • Proven Quality: Over one million units sold
  • Global Notesets: Nearly 100 countries are maintained by a full-time currency team
  • Revenue: Highest banknote acceptance 98%+
  • Up Time: Rarely jams as bank note is always controlled
U.are.U 4500 Reader

 The U.are.U 4500 Reader is an elegant, powerful fingerprint identity machine. With an executive-class look and feel, the U.are.U 4500 Reader is perfect for power users and shared environments.

The U.are.U 4500 radiates an attractive blue glow that provides an unobtrusive presence in low light environments and also ensures that it does not compete with alarm colors in settings such as healthcare.

To use, you simply place your finger on the glowing window, and the reader quickly and automatically scans your fingerprint. For superior user feedback, a red “flash” indicates that a fingerprint image has been captured. On-board electronics calibrate the reader and encrypt the scanned data before sending it over the USB interface.

DigitalPersona readers utilize optical fingerprint scanning technology to achieve excel­lent image quality, a large capture area and superior reliability. The U.are.U 4500 Reader and DigitalPersona® Fingerprint Recognition Engine have an unmatched ability to authenticate even the most difficult fingerprints accurately and rapidly regardless of placement angle.

• Blue LED

• Excellent image quality

• Superior ESD resistance

• Encrypted fingerprint data

• Latent print rejection

• Counterfeit finger rejection

• Rotation invariant

• Rugged

• Works well with dry, moist or rough fingerprints

Pixel resolution: 512 dpi (average x, y over the scan area)

• Scan capture area: 14.6 mm (nom. width at center) 18.1 mm (nom. length)

• 8-bit grayscale (256 levels of gray)

• Reader size (approximate): 65 mm x 36 mm x 15.56 mm

• Compatible with USB 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 (Full Speed) specifications

Perfect for self-service time clocks and security check in applications.  Also can be used for employee training and many other kiosk applications.

Signature Pad by Topaz

KioskGem LCD 1x5 is a rugged, durable signature capture system with LCD screen for public-access and kiosk-mount applications. KioskGem mounts to a surface with no exposed cables or fasteners, and the pen is connected with a high-stress tether. The LCD can also be used to display text and graphics from the host computer and pen-tap hot spots allows users to navigate between multiple screens and forms, inputting information or checking preferred options. Topaz’s software suite is bundled at no additional charge for a complete electronic signature solution. Perfect self service solution for Patient Check In, Lobby application, Official documents, Job applications and Employee/HR applications.

  • Sensor Type: Active Electromagnetic
  • Signing Area: 4.4” x 1.3”Data Conversion Rage: 377 points per second
  • Resolution: 410 true points per inch
  • Authentication capability: Forensic-quality .SIG data capable of examination and authentication with Topaz SigAnalyze™ software
Tethered Stylus
  • Rugged and tamper resistant
  • Non-removable, but easily replaceable tip
  • 470lb stainless steel wire rope tether
  • Lifetime of 100,000 signatures
  • Good for hostile operating environments
  • Available for Surface Acoustic Wave and Resistive Touch Screens
Zebra DS457 2D Barcode Scanner

Mounted securely on the side or middle, the Zebra DS457 Series can deliver fast, high-volume hands-free scanning of virtually any bar code including 1D, 2D and direct part marks. No matter what type of bar code is presented, or whether it is printed on paper, etched into a product or displayed on a mobile phone screen, the DS457 Series provides fast, accurate scanning in a tiny footprint.

  • Comprehensive data capture — 1D, 2D, DPM and PDF417 bar codes, drivers license parsing, still images, video and OCR
  • Scans any bar code on paper, mobile phones and computer displays
  • Omni-directional scanning
  • No need to align bar code and scanner; improves ergonomics and user comfort.

SnapShell is an id reader system that extracts the full card image, face image, signature image and full text data of the ID Card. The Snapshell ID uses a 3 mega-pixel camera built into its base to "snap" high quality digital images of ID  and Insurance cards (up to 600 dpi), populating the card’s text into appropriate fields within 2-3 seconds, into an external file, clipboard or third party software.
The extracted image and data can be exported to various applications, email, FTP and the web.

Features and Benefits of SnapShell®  reader
• Low maintenance  No need to calibrate
• Low wear and tear  No moving parts
• The only driver license card scanner that can truly extract text and read all 50 US states.
• Fast image capture: 300 dpi 1 second, 600 dpi 2 seconds -  true color.
• Extract both data and images.
• Card placement auto-detection.
• Capture a full image of the license, or face & signature image only.
• Infrared authentication.
• Optional state-of-the-art ID authentication.
• Easy integration of authentication technologies.
• USB 2.0

Honeywell Scanner
Honeywell’s MS4980 compact area-imaging scanner offers aggressive scanning of all 1D, PDF and 2D bar codes in a lightweight, durable and portable form factor. The scanner also features a sleek and elegant design that blends seamlessly in retail environments. Automatic infrared object detection enables robust and easy presentation scanning, while patented CodeGate® technology provides
precise targeting and scanning of closely grouped bar codes.

The MS4980 delivers an array of advanced features that enhance productivity. Aggressive reading of bar codes on highly reflective surfaces, such as mobile phone screens, eliminates the need to
purchase additional specialty hardware. A 1.2 mega-pixel CMOS sensor allows the scanner to capture high resolution images of signatures, identification cards and personal checks.

An intelligent multi-interface design distinguishes the MS4980 from competitive scanners. The scanner has three dedicated memory banks—each one capable of storing full configurations for RS232,
keyboard wedge and USB interfaces. Automatic cable detection and configuration simplifies scanner management by eliminating the need for manual configuration after the change of an interface cable.
ID Card Scanner with Adobe® PDF Scan Technology
The Ambir PS665 ID card scanner delivers commercial grade scanning quality in an ultra compact product footprint. Designed specifically to scan thick materials such as laminated ID cards and plastic cards with embossed characters, the PS665 ID card scanner is trusted by hospitals, doctors’ offices, banks, credit unions, and retailers worldwide to quickly and accurately scan ID Cards, driver’s licenses, checks, and other forms of identification
600 optical dpi image capture – ideal for ID cards, photos, business cards, bank checks and driver’s licenses

Mechanical paper sensor – effectively scans ID and insurance cards to complement processes and technology solutions to comply with HIPAA and the U.S. PATRIOT Act, as well as POS (point of sale) and security applications

Ultra compact footprint – consumes far less space than comparable specification flat bed and automatic document feeder scanners, ideal for both laptop and desktop users

Connects and powers off USB port – no external power adapter required and no “warm-up” wait time to scan

Commercial grade quality – durable and reliable for frequent and continuous use applications, such as healthcare admissions and new account set up for financial institutions

Scan directly to PDF – included Adobe PDF scan technology conveniently delivers industry standard PDF output

Available with DocuStart™ OCR – read and extract data and images from identity documents and checks; store, sort,
retrieve and export from the powerful integrated database

RoHS compliant – Free of lead, mercury and other hazardous substances banned by the RoHS directive
Biometric Devices

Biometric devices such as Thumb Print Readers, Palm Readers, and Iris Scanners are easily integrated on SeePoint kiosks. We affix all biometric products to our kiosk sub structure and we can encapsulate the devices in protective housings to protect them in harsh environments.

We have worked with the industry leading manufactures and the flexibility of our design allows us to integrate whatever biometric product is best suited for your application.

VOIP Telephone Handset

VoIP stands for "Voice Over Internet Protocol", which is a technology that allows you to make phone calls using your Broadband Internet connection instead of your regular phone service.

SeePoint kiosks can come equipped with VOIP handsets designed for public access. Network and programming support is also available.

The only requirement for this technology is a high speed internet connection, such as DSL or cable, as the service is based on broadband Internet communication. VoIP requires a speed of up to 90Kbps depending on the voice compression algorithm chosen by the service provider. This is a higher speed than dial-up Internet so a Broadband Internet connection is a basic requirement.

- One low monthly fee covers all of your phone calls.

- Long distance and international calling are much cheaper.

- There are no unexplained taxes or regulatory fees.

Travel Cases for all Products
SeePoint offers custom travel cases for all of our kiosk solutions.  Our custom cases are made individually to fit each order.  Each case has wheels and a handle for easy transport.  SeePoint travels cases are ideal for tradeshows, traveling exhibits, and any other application where mobility is paramount.
  • Rolling Castors
  • Cases are resistant to oils, fuels, solvents and acids
  • Cases meet ATA 300 specifications and can be made to military specifications
  • Lightweight and extremely resistant to impact
Motion Sensor

Sonic Guard Motion Detector by Larco

Like security mats, the SonicGuard is designed to signal the computer to automatically revert to a user-defined mode when a kiosk user leaves the detection area

Because the SonicGuard uses ultrasound technology, it is more reliable than other sensors that utilize infrared or other technology that can be fooled by clothing colors or textures.

The USB version can be configured to provide two sets of any four keystrokes for approaching and leaving the kiosk area. In addition, with the USB option range and delay settings can be configured to your requirements.


Typical Read Range

14.-42. Recommended

(Designed to Read up to 60.)

Operating Temperature


Operation Humidity

0-95 percent relative humidity


Transducer Frequency


Cellular WiFi Modem

Stay ahead of any potential communication issues by utilizing the latest in wireless technology. In instances where there is no available Internet connection or in settings where using the local area wireless communications is not an option, SeePoint kiosks fully support cellular wireless devices.  As with all our peripherals the cellular wireless device is located within our kiosk housing which provides ample throughput while also protecting the cellular card itself. Excellent for mobile events, activation kiosks and other ‘off site’ kiosk applications.

  • Monitor kiosks and digital signage
  • Update and collect data
  • Broadband monitoring and addtional security layers available
802.11 AC, G and N Support

All SeePoint kiosks can support 802.11 wireless. We tightly integrate a USB dongle inside our access panel which helps prevent theft or damage to the device and allows for future upgrades.  These USB devices typically have a range of 300 feet from the nearest access point.   Our latest wireless devices are backward compatible with older Wi-Fi routers and devices

  • IEEE 802.11ac.n. and g
  • Dual Band Performance- up to 150 Mbps (2.4GHz) or 433Mbps (5Ghz)
  • Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA & WPA2)
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS)
Static Signage
Overhead Signage

SeePoint offers overhead signage for SecurePoint and VantagePoint Line of kiosks.  We carry full size and half size overhead signage and the VantagePoint cabinet signage is also available.  These signs allow for advertisements, instructions or logos to be placed between pieces of clear acrylic.  They are easily removed and by changing the sign one can create a new look or new message for the kiosk.  The acrylic panel helps protect the artwork from vandalism or theft by the general public.

Overhead Signage for CounterPoints

Counterpoint kiosks can be accessorized and branded with overhead signage. 1 Foot and 2 Foot high versions are available.

Silkscreen Logo or Message
SeePoint can silkscreen logos or other messages on bezels and other key locations on any kiosk we manufacture.
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