Portable Kiosks

Like a professional athlete, SeePoint kiosks are a perfect blend of strength and mobility. The uniquely designed SeePoint kiosk is both a stable, secure and vandal resistant self service station and a highly mobile solution that can be easily set up or moved within a location or transported to a different venue altogether. The technology, design and special features of SeePoint kiosks make them well suited to life on the road - whether that's a move to a new retail aisle, in the trunk of a car or on the back of a tractor trailer truck.

The SeePoint solution is a patented all in one kiosk system engineered for public and unattended applications where the point of interaction needs to be mobile and may be frequently powered off. The specially designed industrial computer in a SeePoint kiosk makes it easy to set up or break down. Once a SeePoint kiosk is relocated, just plug it in to an electrical outlet and the preloaded application is ready for the end user. Unlike a personal computer or consumer electronic which has a lengthy software installation and set-up process that requires user interaction, a SeePoint kiosk is plug and go. In the event of a power failure, a properly configured SeePoint kiosk powers back to the application without a hard switch or error messages.

SeePoint kiosks are a right weight solution, with all the benefits of a fixed solution while also designed to be easily relocated. SeePoint kiosks couple small footprints, vandal resistant designs and materials as well as a variety of flexible mounting options to make these solutions extremely portable. SeePoint kiosks are also fully integrated - not just a personal computer inside a flimsy plywood box or fiberglass container. Other than the power cord, there are no exposed wires or cables, making SeePoint kiosks easy to move and set up. To make transporting a kiosk even easier, SeePoint supplies high quality blow molded double wall construction travel cases for every kiosk model manufactured by SeePoint.

  • Retail Promotions
  • Retail Pop Ups
  • Marketing Events
  • Ticketing
  • Registration
  • Testing
  • Traveling Exhibits
  • Trade Shows
  • Sporting Events
  • Special Events
  • Malls
  • Museums
  • Concerts
  • Field Offices

Designed to provide maximum protection in the smallest possible form, SeePoint's rugged, ATA approved travel cases are strong enough to absorb tremendous impact without cracking or permanently denting and feature corrosion resistant hardware and heavy duty aluminum valances. Travel cases come equipped with custom molded foam interiors for best shock absorption, radius corners, locking metal hasps and handles for security as well as rolling castors to facilitate mobility. SeePoint travel cases are formed of ultra-light weight polyethylene, resistant to oils, fuels, solvents and acids and can withstand temperatures from -80 to +185 degrees Fahrenheit. Custom cases are available.

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