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SeePoint kiosk touch screens with privacy filters strike the balance between information accessibility and information confidentiality. As demand for self-service applications rises, protecting confidential information is more critical than ever. Laws pertaining to the disclosure of personal information have become increasingly restrictive, and identity theft as well as corporate information loss cost billions of dollars a year.

Provide the convenience and service of a touch screen kiosk while protecting users' confidential information using HIPAA compliant privacy touch screens from SeePoint. SeePoint kiosks with LCD sizes from 15 to 22 inches can include touch screens enhanced with 3M privacy filters.

Kiosk touch screens with privacy filters are excellent for open or high traffic environments where on-screen data needs to be kept confidential. These specially enhanced systems are ideal for healthcare facilities and banking centers, registration and government services kiosks as well as other self-service kiosks and interactive applications.

The privacy filter's patented microlouver technology works like tiny vertical blinds to block ambient light and narrow the viewing angle so that only persons sitting directly in front of the monitor are able to see on-screen data. While viewers from a side angle see only a solid black screen, the current user experiences no blurring or image distortion. In fact, the innovative technology ensures vividly clear image quality and reduces screen glare to help prevent eyestrain. SeePoint's integration of the privacy filter does not compromise touch screen functionality or responsiveness and provides additional protection for the display from dust and dirt.

PRIVACY IN PUBLIC - Allows self-service kiosk users to provide and receive confidential information in public environments while maintaining their privacy.

VIVID IMAGE CLARITY - The clear finish of the privacy screen maintains high image clarity.

TOUCH COMPATIBLE - The privacy screen does not compromise touch screen functionality.

PRIVACY & SHARE MODES - For devices with dual orientation, choose whether to keep information private or share with others by simply changing the orientation of the screen.

STAY CLEAN EDGES - Innovative stay-clean edge technology prevents dust and grime from collecting on the edges of filter screen.

EASY TO CLEAN - Fingerprints and smudges wipe away cleanly with any standard cloth or paper towel.


The desire to improve patient care and education coupled with spiraling medical costs and increasing insurance complexity is driving self-service computing applications in the medical, pharmaceutical and other healthcare industries. However, these same industries must also comply with federal HIPAA regulations which require enhanced privacy protection of individual's health and medical information. How do you make information accessible but at the same time keep it private? To service this need, SeePoint offers our entire line of touch screen kiosk systems with special integrated filtering to allow only the individual using the kiosk system to read the data on the screen. This privacy filter is one of the key tools available for protecting private information while making the information accessible.

SeePoint is a leading provider of HIPAA compliant kiosks.
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