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Gaming and Casinos
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SeePoint Technology has 15 years of experience developing and deploying self-service systems for the gaming industry experience and a team focused on helping its gaming clients evolve their business, improve customer interactions and transform their casinos into industry leaders. From small gaming operations like truck stops and local casinos to the largest casino resorts, SeePoint works with clients at every stage of the process and has a full suite of support options, including onsite support or direct support for casinos with in house technicians.

SeePoint’s self-service kiosk solutions forge dynamic communications between a casino and its customers – and at key points of interaction. An expanding roster of gaming clients reflects SeePoint's capability to deliver across an array of gaming applications.

As the casino and gaming industry increasingly moves towards self-service, SeePoint can be counted on to provide smartly designed and competitively priced self-service kiosks that incorporate best in class features and functionality.

SeePoint initiates each gaming project with the end-user's experience in mind. An interactive self-service kiosk that enhances the guest’s casino experience will produce deeper customer loyalty and engagement, along with increased revenue for our gaming clients.

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Loyalty & Promotion
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Loyalty programs are increasingly vital when it comes to deepening engagement and building affinity with high frequency repeat casino visitors, who make up a sizable number of the overall gaming segment. Beyond eliminating the need to wait in line at a players' club booth, SeePoint interactive loyalty kiosks effectively reward and motivate customers by tapping into the potential of each client's loyalty database.

SeePoint's self-service promotional kiosks utilize a players' club loyalty card to offer a suite of customized, real-time opportunities designed to further promotional objectives. SeePoint promotional kiosks act as a virtual employee as well as streamline traffic, improve operations and reward players in innovative ways.

  • Easily look up points and “comps”
  • Enter daily promotions and raffles
  • Print coupons and targeted promotions
  • Enroll new loyalty customers and confirm identification
  • Print customized player’s club loyalty cards with photos and graphics
  • Enhance overall customer satisfaction

Visitor Information & Wayfinding
gaming visitor wayfinding

As the physical size of casinos increase, along with the number of amenities and retailers conjoined with them, SeePoint's information and wayfinding kiosks allow casino visitors to easily navigate a property with unique, feature-rich interfaces. Not only can wayfinding kiosks alleviate wasting of staff time, they can also drive customer traffic to specific games, tables, restaurants or shops. Visitors can also have access to important information such as store hours, concierge, security and restroom locations, and schedules of upcoming events.

Now you can build your own custom wayfinding application. Integrate photos, URL’s and customer loyalty systems directly into your application with SeePoint’s Wayfinder solutions.

Integrate simultaneously for digital signage, kiosks, tablets and phones.

  • Handles multi-floor and multi-building facilities
  • Can display URL‘s, coupons, etc.
  • Integrate with indoor view photos
  • Alternate routing (e.g. ADA compliant)
  • Create preferred paths
  • Multi-user development environment
  • Simple to use (no programming required)
  • Custom build your own application using API’s
  • GPS / ibeacon ready

Deploy on any of our touch screen systems from 15 inches to 65 inches. SeePoint’ design team will integrate all maps, links and marketing as part of our turnkey solution services.

Reservations & Queuing
gaming reservations queuing

Often customers prefer self-service kiosks to fact-to-face interactions with staff especially at peak times. To service this customer demand, SeePoint’s gaming industry clients have deployed SeePoint kiosks so guests may quickly make self-service gaming table, lodging, dining or other reservations merely using a name and cell phone number. Untethered, customers can explore the casino property while they wait and are alerted via SMS or a phone call from the kiosk when their reservations are ready – more likely than not spending and visiting other areas of the property.

SeePoint's reservation and queuing kiosks enable clients to:

  • Track and accurately predict customer reservation patterns
  • Maximize customer time on the property
  • Decrease the length of perceived wait times
  • Increase the number of reservations and reduce no-shows
  • Capture customer contact information on an opt-in basis for marketing and promotional initiatives

Ticketing & Registration
gaming ticketing

Automate labor intensive casinos services like registration, check in and ticketing all from one unified self-service system.

SeePoint's kiosks can be equipped with peripherals such as thermal receipt and ticket printers, fanfold ticketing printers, card readers, barcode scanners and bill acceptors. Augment with eye-catching secondary monitors that offer customers a streaming billboard of graphics, videos and information on live shows, conferences and other events.

SeePoint's ticketing and registration kiosks connect casinos to a fully integrated platform to promote, ticket and manage events as well as a way to have customized one on one interactions with customers, guests and show attendees using self-service kiosk applications.

SeePoint's ticketing and registration kiosks enable clients to:

  • Increase bookings and check-ins by offering the convenience of anytime self-service
  • Cross-market and up-sell to customers at the point of purchase
  • Optimize ROI of in-kiosk ads and promotions with display and engagement metrics
  • Reduce frontline service staff
  • Integrate hospitality with a virtual concierge service

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