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SeePoint kiosk and digital signage systems are used in a vast array of government applications. Our self service solutions are found in public buildings, court houses, prisons, libraries, many DMV facilities and numerous other locations. We have specific experience in creating solutions that dutifully serve the public creating more efficient and cost effective government.

Kiosks provide an integral connection between the government and the people they serve. Many of the services that people require are only available online or with other Internet enabled devices. This is not an option for some. Interactive kiosks by SeePoint solve this problem by providing the gateway to these key services and infrastructure.

We specialize in providing secure ADA compliant kiosks to local, regional and federal government agencies. To facilitate a host of different applications, SeePoint kiosks can be configured with EMV compliant card readers, bill acceptors, cameras, headphone jacks, driver's’ license scanners, printers and many other peripherals. SeePoint also creates secure and user friendly interfaces allowing government entities to repurpose existing applications and content and make it available to a broad set of its people.

government main kiosk
  • Provide public and self-service access for a myriad of government services and information
  • Registration, bill payments and human resource applications
  • Administer special campaigns and programs
  • Digital signage for government offices and facilities
  • Emergency alerts and critical information
  • Access and identification systems
government clients
Education - Campuses
government education

Better manage growing student populations and campus security with self-service kiosk and digital signage systems from SeePoint. Many of the routine activities and transactions that occur between the administration, student body and campus visitors can be efficiently and cost effectively automated. Today’s tech savvy students are accustomed to and rely upon self service automation.

  • Automated self-service registration
  • Financial aid applications and information
  • Student ID validation, ID Printing and more
  • Course catalogs and class schedules
  • Directories & wayfinding
  • Visitor management with badge printing
  • Academic & athletic event calendars

Public Information / Calendars / Events
goverment Public Info

You know how important it is to engage your faculty, staff and students on a daily basis. Showing timely, relevant visual messaging is the key to promoting a safe, inclusive campus and community. Kiosks and digital signage are the perfect solution to publish new and announcements, promote events, and display social media feeds and even real time athletic scores.

SeePoint offers solutions that can not only provide information but also collect information. From one central location, manage digital signage, kiosks and more.

  • Digital signage solutions
  • Wayfinding
  • Calendars and events
  • Emergency alert systems - Common Alerting Protocol (CAP)
  • Public outreach
  • Volunteer opportunities

government queue

From city hall, tax offices to the Veterans administration, manual check in is slow and expensive. The private sector has raised the bar. Use kiosks, tablet and digital signage to effectively manage the flow of visitors, increase staff satisfaction and improve the overall experience. Direct visitors to the correct location, minimize wait times, and allow people do something else while waiting. Easily handle first in / first out, prescheduled appointments, and special requests. Queuing saves times and drives efficiency.

Self-check-in relieves congestion and provides more efficient use of staff, more customer empowerment and satisfaction, and reduced costs. SeePoint kiosks can also verify arriving visitors for added security and matching service requirement with the right process, staff interaction and follow-up.

For a complete multichannel solution, interface with mobile devices and then pair with digital signage to inform and coordinate.

  • Reduce wait times, improve customer service
  • Improve staff satisfaction
  • Deploy staff to other needed services
  • Handle appointment slots, balance visitor loads
  • Announce next up or ready notice via text messaging and/or digital signage.

Bill Pay / Automated Services
government bill pay

Offload routine functions to SeePoint interactive kiosk systems. These systems can accept EMV compliant credit cards, cash and even validate checks. Self-service kiosks can be installed anywhere, inside and out, to provide access to bill payment and other services 24 hours a day. This will meet customer demands for convenience and afterhour’s access. To the government, this means easier collection and reduced staff demands for these redundant tasks.

  • Accept all forms of payment, including cash
  • Convenient, reliable and cost effective
  • Provide better service from government

Department of Motor Vehicles
government dmv

The states of Wisconsin, Colorado, and New Mexico have all utilized SeePoint self-service kiosk systems within their respective DMV’s. By automating routine processes using our solutions, these states have made going to the DMV easier and less time consuming for their citizens while saving money as well.

With large public institutions such as DMV’s self service solutions are essential to increase efficiencies and free up staff time. Applications such as vehicle registration, license plate orders, paying citations, queuing, testing, and even self-service vehicle smog certification can all be performed with SeePoint kiosks.

  • Multiple peripheral support for complex transactions
  • Accept all forms of payment at kiosk including cash
  • Smog testing kiosk designed for outdoor use
  • Multiple language support

government coirrections

In addition, to our line of rugged, secure self-service kiosks, SeePoint offers turnkey solutions across a diversified spectrum of correctional facilities for commissary, legal library, and visitation. Deliver enhanced services for lower costs.

government commissary

For a safer and more efficient facility, utilize SeePoint kiosks to allow inmates secure access to balances, account information, place orders, communicate, and file grievances and more.

Law Library
government law library

As a jail or corrections Administrator, you have unique and challenging responsibilities. Ensuring your facility provides your inmates with access to constitutionally required legal research materials while staying within budget is also an extremely important task.

Using LexisNexis legal research correctional facility kiosk solutions, we offer access to state specific content that can be easily updated, securely presented and mitigate risk.

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