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Healthcare clients including Johns Hopkins, Baylor Health, Kaiser, Banner Healthcare, Mt. Sinai Hospital, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer all have tapped SeePoint for self-service systems based on the our ability to realize the ideal kiosk solution for each of their unique healthcare environments. A pioneer in the field of healthcare kiosks, SeePoint continues its focus on understanding and fulfilling the distinct needs healthcare organizations and their patients

SeePoint healthcare kiosks are competitively priced, durable and smartly designed, with healthcare-specific peripherals and a small physical footprint that maximizes a facility's valuable floor space.

SeePoint kiosks can be integrated with a client's existing software, or outfitted with a custom solution designed by SeePoint or one of our select healthcare software partners.

A pioneer in the field of healthcare kiosks, SeePoint continues its focus on understanding and fulfilling the distinct needs healthcare organizations and their patients. Our goal is to provide the industry’s best self service solutions. For more than a decade, SeePoint has worked with a diverse roster of healthcare clients reflecting the company’s ability to deliver outstanding products, provide insightful innovations such as HIPAA compliant touch screens and antimicrobial coatings as well as offer invaluable guidance and support at every phase of the project, from conception to post implementation

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Check In / Registration
healthcare check-in

SeePoint's check-in kiosks empower patients by offering them convenience, information and control. Self-service kiosks enhance patient satisfaction, improve service delivery, increase efficiency and strengthen employee morale by acting as a bridge of communication between patients and providers’ front and back office operations.

With self-service kiosks healthcare organizations significantly streamline and improve every visit.

  • Reduce patient wait times, reliance on staff and congestion at the front desk.
  • Increase information gathering accuracy.
  • Patients acknowledge HIPAA and practice-related policies by electronic signature.
  • Streamline process for returning patients.
  • Automatically transmit insurance eligibility and benefits information.
  • Boost collection of payments.
  • Maximize budgets by reducing administrative and operational costs.

healthcare queuing

After a patient initiates a visit at the kiosk, the information can be received by a facility's back office system with relevant information flagged for healthcare providers, including patient wait time and staff workflow.
SeePoint kiosks help manage the flow of patients and provide information to the patient throughout the visit, from check-in to check-out. Kiosks can be used to contact a patient in the waiting room, track patient status, respond to queries on treatments and waiting times and can include expanded functions such as a SMS notification service, which sends just-in-time messages to a patient via his or her cell phone.

SeePoint's queuing and clinical work flow kiosks enable healthcare providers to:

  • Improve patient flow with constantly updated, real-time patient queue information.
  • Optimize floor space for clinical and treatment areas rather than reception and waiting areas.
  • Centralize management of patients; essential in multi-specialty facilities where many patients see more than one doctor in a single visit.
  • Leverage facility metrics that offer accurate insights on service, productivity, performance and more.

healthcare wayfinding

An increase in the physical size of healthcare facilities and the rise of multi-specialty facilities have made directory and wayfinding kiosks essential in many healthcare environments. With SeePoint, clients can create a directory and wayfinding kiosk that includes a flexible, feature-rich interface, enabling patients to easily navigate a healthcare property. This solution allows patients to promptly locate exam rooms, personnel, labs, services and other locations using dynamic area and floor maps, point-to-point directions and other custom content, all of which can be displayed in multiple languages and programmed to accommodate users with disabilities.

SeePoint's directory and wayfinding kiosks enable healthcare providers to:

  • Reduce patient frustration and costly late, or no-show appointments.
  • Manage directory updates and integrate applications like a help desk, emergency tools or health education.
  • Communicate with patients and visitors via targeted announcements.
  • Minimize reliance on floor and desk staff.

Patient Education
healthcare patient education

Conscious that interactive health care education kiosks encourage patients to be more proactive and engaged when it comes to their own care, SeePoint's kiosks are designed to provide an enjoyable, informative user experience that ultimately reduces healthcare delivery costs. SeePoint kiosks used for patient education enable healthcare organizations to offer their patients quick and reliable access to a customizable range of health information that is easy to navigate and understand, and manageable for the organization to maintain internally.

SeePoint's patient education kiosks enable healthcare providers to:

  • Offer patients self-service access to information about their health problems.
  • Increase education services and compliance with consistent and accurate healthcare information.
  • Reduce perceived wait times.
  • Customize content and delivery.
  • Help patients and their family members with clear and concise healthcare information.

HR / Hiring / Testing
healthcare hr

Recruiting, interviewing, hiring and training your healthcare team can be a labor intensive task that must be completed consistently, reliably and with security and compliance a priority. SeePoint kiosk systems with security features such as HIPAA compliant privacy filters, drive encryption, secure kiosk OS, no exposed ports, cables and wires are ideal for these human resource driven applications.

Across multiple facilities and locations, administer nationwide….Conduct virtual interviews, consistently train, identify and test new recruits and longtime employees alike, and all with our interactive self-service kiosk systems. Continue the message with digital signage on the kiosk itself or independently installed.

  • Self-service job application and interviewing kiosks
  • Digital signage message systems
  • Automated testing programs with real time grading and identification of test subjects
  • Audit trails for training, awareness programs and on-going sales / product training

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