Museums & Amusements
Museums & Amusement
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Take advantage of extraordinary cloud based solutions that we offer for museums, science centers, galleries, amusement parks, water parks, zoos and special events. SeePoint’s flexible designs and small footprint kiosks are uniquely suited for these markets.

SeePoint systems can be found at the Getty Museum, acquiring leads at Nascar races, and improving exhibits at hundreds of museums across the country.

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Unique Exhibits
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Bringing exhibits to life to educate and tell a story is a main function of museums around the world. Integrating interactive applications and displays help tell that story by providing information on the subject at hand in exciting and informative ways. This information can be content that is already found on existing sites, videos, or created especially for the exhibit.

  • Save money by using existing content
  • Provide a fun and educational interactive experience for customers
  • Support multiple languages
  • Kiosks can be rebranded for future exhibits
  • Small footprint of kiosks ideal for exhibit settings

museum wayfinding

Getting around large museums, aquariums, and amusement parks can be a daunting task. With indoor and outdoor interactive kiosks SeePoint can turn this problem into a quick and easy process. Using large touch screens ranging from 32”-65”, SeePoint wayfinding kiosks allowing patrons to get where they want to go more efficiently. In addition, interactive wayfinding can now incorporate real time information, promotions and advertisements for additional revenue - far better than conventional static signage

  • Incredible maps, step by step and destination information
  • Text message directions direct to device
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Manage and edit screen information
  • Provide important help information including emergency services
  • Promote attractions and shows
  • Provide accurate locations of all attractions, exhibits and show times

museum ticketing

Over the last few years, ways in which customers obtain tickets has changed dramatically. Gone are the days when customers wait in line for a person to hand them a ticket.

Self-service with SeePoint kiosks is an essential part of the process. Customers can pay at the kiosk and obtain their printed/bar coded ticket at the same time. In addition, nontraditional tickets such as wristbands for water parks or encoded annual pass cards can all be dispensed from SeePoint kiosks.

  • Line Busting and Balancing
  • Save on staffing costs in your ticketing operations
  • Kiosks can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Outdoor or indoor kiosks available
  • Update prices and group specials in real time
  • Gather marketing information at point of purchase

Membership / Donations

SeePoint kiosks are used by zoos, aquariums, and museums for secure self-service membership sign up and donations. Easily guide patrons through your sign up process. This hassle free way to collect cash or credit card donations has enhanced revenue at our customer’s properties.

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