SeePoint designs and deploys interactive systems for some of the largest retail brands in the world. Innovative solutions for innovative retailers. Interact with customers, promote services and products and increase the bottom line in innovative and cost effective ways using reliable, flexible and durable touch screen kiosks, vending solutions and digital signage.

SeePoint combines the needed hardware and software as part of truly effective multi-channel campaigns.

SeePoint kiosks are totally self contained, high powered systems perfectly suited to display self service applications in almost any environment. The reliability, customizability, and ruggedness of these systems make them ideal for a wide range of retail applications. Unlike a tablet, failproof peripheral devices may be seamlessly and securely integrated to support even the most complex application.

SeePoint interactive systems are designed to withstand the rigors of unattended installations and can be counted on for hassle free, uninterrupted use. With an integrated power supply, SeePoint systems are available 24/7 and never require charging.

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Point of Sale
retail POS

Today's consumer expects to be able to order goods and services right where and when they are needed most. Use SeePoint systems for a variety of self service checkout applications. Customize with peripherals as needed to create a seamless point of sale solution.

  • Reduce wait times and errors
  • Cut overhead expenses
  • Deploy staff to better serve customers
  • Up to date menu changes
  • Provide Nutritional information
  • Create an experience instead of an order

Loyalty Programs
retail loyalty

Use SeePoint kiosk systems to administer your loyalty rewards program and loyalty marketing activities. With self-service kiosks, customers and visitors can manage points and rewards, incentive promotions and membership programs.

Using SeePoint’s card printing kiosk, you can reliably, quickly, and easily provide a completely customized photo quality loyalty card on demand.

Capture key opt-in information for eMail marketing, SMS texting and VIP programs all on the interactive displays.

SeePoint kiosks can also dispense and manage customized gift cards, stored value cards, store-credits/vouchers, spending accounts, and reloadable cards.

SeePoint offers a complete line of freestanding, wall mounted, countertop and card printing kiosks, perfect for a complete loyalty card program.

Endless Aisle
retail endless

Sell more with SeePoint interactive systems, and increase profits by offering an unlimited number of SKU’s without incurring the associated inventory costs. By deploying kiosks and interactive digital signage systems by SeePoint, you not only increase customer service and store profits, but also can connect with other loyalty, couponing and targeted promotions for true multi-channel success.

  • Check inventory status, order status, and actual purchases
  • Display engaging and in-depth product information
  • Handle out of stock, oversized and specialty items
  • Perfect for customized, engraved or monogrammed products

retail vending

SeePoint kiosk systems facilitate many types of transactions and act as a fully autonomous self-service store. From smog certificate stations for the Department of Motor Vehicles to gift and loyalty card printing kiosks, SeePoint is the go to source for OEM kiosk vending solutions.

  • Completely customized solutions
  • Secure encrypted transactions with full EMV compliance
  • Electronic key locks to maintain audit trails and provide access for field service
  • Fully featured remote monitoring
  • Customized interfaces and application development

HR / Hiring / Testing
retail vending

The three most important assets of a business are its employees, employees and employees. In order to maximize this asset, it is critical to properly hire, continually train, and assess the results of your management programs. SeePoint kiosks are a perfect tool to assist

  • Self-service job application and interviewing kiosks
  • Digital signage message systems
  • Automated testing programs with real time grading and identification of test subjects
  • Audit trails for training, awareness programs, and on-going sales / product training

retail queuing

Use kiosks and digital signage to effectively manage customer flow. Direct visitors to the correct location, minimize wait times, and allow customers to shop while waiting. Easily handle first in - first out, pre scheduled appointments, and special requests. Queuing applications save times and drives sales.
For a complete multichannel solution, interface with mobile solutions and pair with digital signage to inform and market to your captive audience.

  • Reduce wait times, improve customer service
  • Deploy staff to other needed services
  • Administer appointment slots
  • Announce next up or ready notice via text messaging and/or digital signage.

retail vending

Digital wayfinding is an essential service for businesses and organizations of every industry. Visitors use the intuitive touch interface to identify their destination and receive step by step instructions on how to get there, using graphics, audio and printed maps.

Now you can build your own custom wayfinding application. Integrate photos, URL’s,and customer loyalty programs into your application with SeePoint’s Wayfinder solutions. Easily build a wayfinding application that is completely your own or have us do it for you.

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