Project Consulting and Administration
Project Consulting

SeePoint's project consulting and administration services allow our customers to take advantage of our years of experience and industry expertise to best achieve your self service kiosk objective. We work together with you, our customer. SeePoint's project consulting and administration services range from project planning and management to product design and rollout strategies.

  • Project Objective
    • Clarify the goal of the project.
    • Define how hardware design, content development and kiosk marketing support the project objective.
    • Perform a budget analysis
    • Consider successes and failures of other projects with similar goals.
    • Implement strategies to achieve kiosk project objectives.
  • Hardware Design
    • Consider how visual appeal, branding opportunities and kiosk utility accomplish project objective.
    • Consider the installation locations. Determine the optimal kiosk configuration based on space availability, operating conditions, power accessibility and mobility requirements as well as other aspects of the installation locations.
    • Choose best peripheral devices and other technology options.
  • Content Development
    • Advise on interface design and navigation. Provide content suggestions.
    • Consult on content lock-down and other security measures.
    • Provide end user data analysis and usage reports. Assist customer in understanding the kiosk user. Provide suggestions for ongoing content improvements based on data.
  • Kiosk Marketing
    • Assist customer in developing promotional signage to support project objective.
    • Provide on advice on optimizing kiosk installation locations.
    • Devise and implement strategies that achieve objectives of kiosk location owner and their employees as well as kiosk user to encourage usage, thereby furthering the project goal.
    • Assist in understanding the kiosk initiative's return on investment.
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