Neutrogena Kiosk

SeePoint offers a comprehensive rollout, providing turnkey solutions for many customers, including:

  • Consultation
  • Software and App Integration
  • Custom 3D Design
  • Peripheral Integration
  • Volume Manufacturing
  • Cloud Managed Networks and Security
  • Network Support & Configuration
  • Logistics and Installation

From custom designed to off the shelf systems, or even customized off the shelf systems to fit your company or organization's unique needs, SeePoint designs, develops and delivers complete, effective solutions that will improve the bottom line, build the brand name and reduce complications and risks associated with large scale deployments.

SeePoint's wide range of top line services enables our clients to increase efficiency, improve performance and build competitive advantage in their markets. In short, we save time and money, allowing your company or organization to reach your customer or end user where you need to, at the greatest point of impact, at point of purchase.

Services Kiosk

SeePoint self service kiosk systems and digital signage solutions provide an elegant, modern, completely integrated touch screen experience that is ideally suited to display applications and video in any public or unsupervised setting, providing key services while reducing overhead and inefficient use of resources.

All SeePoint product designs take into account applicable safety and ADA regulations. SeePoint will advise on safety and ADA compliance, mounting solutions and other related design/engineering issues. SeePoint's product engineering services also include compliance with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and/or Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification requirements where necessary. Additionally, SeePoint's product safety department specializes in completing the process necessary to receive a U.S. or international certification(s).

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