Frequently Asked Questions
How do I find out the weight of the kiosk?

The weight of SeePoint VantagePoint Series kiosks is approximately 125 to 150 LBS. and details can be found by going to the product page section of the website and selecting the specific kiosk in which you are interested in. CounterTop and All In Ones are approximately 20 LBS. All SeePoint systems have weights or mounting systems for security.

Which software comes with the kiosk?

SeePoint is currently shipping Windows 10, Windows 7 Pro and Embedded. Windows 8.1 and Android are available as well. SeePoint kiosks also include Kioware kiosk operating software.

There is no power to the kiosk or the screen is black and the fans are OFF:

Confirm power exists to the wall socket power outlet. Confirm power exists to the system - power cord is seated properly on the bottom back of base and into the wall socket securely. Ensure On/Off switch on the bottom of the kiosk base is in the ON position (|)

For desktop, wall mounted and the VantagePoint Light kiosks you may remove the access panel and ensure power cable is fully seated into the power supply.

For desktop, wall mounted and the VantagePoint Light kiosks you may remove the access panel and ensure power cable is fully seated into the power supply.

If these remedies fail to work, remove power cord from the base and plug directly into the power supply in the head and retry internal rocker power switch on the I/O Plate.

How do I restart or reboot the computer?

Soft Boot - PREFERRED - Press the power rocker switch located inside the access panel on the I/O plate.

Hard Boot - unplug the computer or turn off the power via the On/Off switch located on the bottom of the floor base - Hard Boot ONLY when the system is frozen. Please leave the system unplugged or off for a minimum of 10 seconds prior to restarting.

Why does the monitor go into sleep mode after a couple of minutes?

The Power Option's setting in the Control Panel may be set incorrectly. Go to the Control Panel and select Power Options. Verify that all of the sleep mode settings are set to "Never".

Getting to the desktop / Exiting out of KioWare:

If you have the KioWare application running on your kiosk, you will have to exit in order to get to the desktop. Touch all four corners in succession starting with upper left and proceed in a clockwise direction, enter the secure passcode (****)

Please contact SeePoint support or your KioWare system administrator for the passcode. A free trial of KioWare comes with any purchase of our kiosks with a default passcode of: 3523

How do I change the angle of the screen?

Loosen both pivot shoulder screws on the left and right side of the head with the provided Allen wrench. Do not remove screws - only loosen. Angle head to the desired position and re-tighten.

What size LCD's does SeePoint offer?

Our standard kiosks are outfitted with 15" or 19" touch screens with 4:3 aspect ratio and 22" or 24" widescreens. We also offer high bright (sunlight readable), HIPAA Privacy Filters and large (26 inch to 82 inch) wide format interactive LCD screens. Please contact a SeePoint sales associate for more information.

How do I calibrate the touch screen?
  • For Keetouch Touch Screens:
  • Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Pointer Devices or UPDD -> Click on "Calibrate" button on the lower left,
  • Touch where the arrows appear to calibrate.
What type of touch screen technology does SeePoint offer?

SeePoint kiosks can come with Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW), Projected Capacitive, Resistive and Tempered Glass SecureTouch SAW Panels. We also offer HIPAA Compliant Privacy Filters and Clear Tempered Glass panels for vandal resistant applications.

How do I clean the touch screen?

It is extremely important NOT to spray cleaner directly onto the monitor. To properly clean the touch screen, simply spray any glass cleaner onto a clean cloth or paper towel and gently wipe the surface of the touch screen.

How do I plug in a USB keyboard and/or mouse?

Remove the two screws from the access panel on the rear of the kiosk head for access to available USB ports. Please note, free standing systems may also have a USB port available in the cabinet (especially in cases where the PC is in the cabinet).

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